27 August 2020
Remax Professionals

There’s no doubt that a career in real estate is an attractive prospect. Enticed by unlimited earning power and more flexible schedules, countless aspiring agents begin their journeys in the real estate industry every year. Of course, some are more successful than others. Those who know the skill set they’ll need and take steps to build on it are more likely to make steady progress toward their goals.

Here are five personals skills needed to help ensure a successful real estate career…

1) Organizational skills

Nurturing your ongoing relationships with clients and leads is no easy feat. To do it right, you have to adopt a consistent system for keeping track of connections, how you met them, and your last points of contact.

Of course, staying organized is about more than carefully-maintained CRMs and colour-coded files. It’s about never losing sight of the details that matter. If you’re the type who takes notes diligently, maintains your schedule carefully, and always shows up on time, you may be well-positioned to serve home buyers and sellers.

2) A data-driven mindset

The real estate market is constantly changing, and so are local neighbourhoods. To stay ahead of the curve, agents have to be fast learners who are capable of interpreting data—and putting their conclusions into practice every day.

From recent sales trends to residential development in up-and-coming areas, staying on top of what’s happening will be part of your job as a real estate professional. If you’re prepared to keep doing your homework long after you’re licensed, you might be well-suited to life as an agent.

3) Negotiation know-how

Few people are skilled negotiators, but it’s a talent you’ll need to develop if you plan to become a real estate agent. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require you to be intimidating. Your success at the bargaining table will depend more on your ability to read people and situations than anything else.

Simply put, the best negotiators know how to find common ground. If you can combine this ability with a strong knowledge of local home prices and a persuasive manner of speaking, you’ll be well-equipped to advocate for your clients’ best interests.

4) Communication skills

It’s one of the most crucial personal skills needed for a real estate career. Whether you’re providing a pleasant experience for your client, working with an agent on the other side of the transaction, or dealing with local vendors, strong communication skills are key.

The ability to express complex ideas clearly is a must, and that means being able to speak the same language as the people you work with. Prospective agents who know how to relate to their clients, other professionals, and those on the other side of their transactions are bound to get more business—and achieve better outcomes.

5) Empathy

It’s one of the most important qualities for a real estate agent to possess. Being empathetic allows you to truly understand what people want—so you can start finding solutions that make their lives better. It’s relevant at every stage of the buying and selling process.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re helping a buyer find homes that match their needs, telling a seller their property could use some improvements, or negotiating with sensitivity. Having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others will allow you to act tactfully and reach agreements when need be.

There are many personal skills needed for a real estate career, and not everyone is perfectly suited to the role. Fortunately, knowing what to expect and which traits you’ll need can help you determine whether the industry is a good match for you. From there, building on your existing talents with a reputable team will set you up for success!

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