How to Make the Most of a Real Estate Conference

12 February 2020
Remax Professionals

To reach new levels of success in real estate, you must meet (and learn from) other professionals. One of the best ways to do that is by attending a conference. From talks given by industry leaders to networking activities for you and your fellow agents, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make new connections at these events. Fortunately, by taking a few steps to prepare, you can get even more out of the experience than you otherwise would.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the value you get from your next real estate conference…


No matter where we are and what we’re doing, technology connects us to colleagues, clients, and leads. As real estate agents, this ongoing dialogue is one of the keys to our livelihood—which is why many of us have trouble putting away our smartphones. Unfortunately, continuous screen time can negatively impact our ability to concentrate and engage. To take in and retain more information from the next conference you attend, plan to turn off your phone during important talks and networking sessions. You’ll find that focusing on one thing at a time will allow you to be truly present, which will set the scene for more “lightbulb” moments. 

Choose your sessions wisely

Most industry conferences are packed with useful information, which means attendees often have to prioritize some events and speaking engagements over others. To ensure that you partake in the sessions that interest you most, familiarize yourself with the schedule beforehand. When it comes to subject matter, consider your chosen career path—and which talks have the potential to expand your knowledge in relevant areas. Before setting your itinerary, you may also find it helpful to learn more about the speakers involved (since industry leaders often have some of the greatest insights to share).







Take useful notes

A great real estate conference should go beyond inspiring you in-person to provide takeaways that help you improve your performance day-to-day. That’s why taking notes effectively is so important. Start by determining which method works best for you. While a tablet can help you keep your thoughts organized (and avoid legibility issues), some agents prefer to jot items down longhand. You should also steer clear of a common note-taking mistake: trying to transcribe presentations word-for-word. Instead, engage with the information you take in by listening actively and summarizing key points.

Make connections

If you’re part of a team like RE/MAX Professionals, you already know the value of teamwork and collaboration. By embracing this mentality at an industry conference, you can ensure that you make helpful connections and learn from the wisdom of others. One way to do that is by using the downtime between events to strike up friendly conversations. Networking doesn’t always come easily, but it allows you to mingle with agents outside of your office—including those in different markets. Cultivating these relationships can provide not only useful perspectives, but a steady stream of referrals! When you return the favour and it leads to a successful transaction, you can even take in an impressive 25 per cent.

Follow up

Once the conference is over, it’s time to reach out to the connections you’ve made. Be sure to send your follow-up emails and Linkedin requests as soon as you get home, while you’re still fresh in the minds of the people you’ve met. While professionalism is always a must, don’t be afraid to personalize your messages. Bringing up interesting conversations, jokes, or moments you shared with recipients is a great way to jog their memories. You can start preparing to follow up by jotting down a couple of points on the back of business cards when you receive them.

An industry conference provides the perfect opportunity to learn from other real estate professionals. By preparing ahead of time and adopting the right mindset, you can ensure that you walk away from your next event with plenty of useful information to help boost your performance as an agent. 

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